Carlisle Process Systems

Carlisle Process Systems (CPS), a member of Carlisle Companies Incorporated, was a design and contracting organisation providing services to the dairy industry. Carlisle Process Systems Limited was the New Zealand branch and was formed at the end of 1999 following the purchase of Innovative Engineering Limited. It was the design centre for cheese blockformers for the group that consists of Carlisle Process Systems Limited, Scherping Systems, Damrow, Stork Friesland, the falling film evaporator division of Siersma Scheffers, Zimmer Evaporation and Bontech Engineering. Contracts in New Zealand included the upgrade of the Alfomatic Belt Cheddaring machine at the Waitoa Site of Fonterra (2000), modifications of the peg stirrers in the Continuous Cheddaring Machine (an IEL/CPS design) at the Stirling site of Fonterra (2000) and the upgrade of the cheese making process at Stirling to 1.9 million litres per day capacity (2001).


  • Process overview
  • Process and cost modelling
  • Process and engineering economics
  • Project costing and control
  • Plant commissioning
  • Patenting
  • Computer systems (NT, Windows 2000 Server, Lotus Domino/Notes)