Tenon Developments Limited

Tenon Developments Limited was established to develop high pressure carbon dioxide technology for the extraction of cholesterol and fats from meat and dairy products. Following the merger of Waikato Valley Cooperative Dairies with the New Zealand Dairy Group the joint venture terminated. In the period of the joint venture Tenon established the physical feasibility of the processes, established the economic viability of the processes, and produced a commercial design. These were according to the plan and budget set in the joint venture agreement. Prior to the merger Waikato Valley had indicated the likelihood of proceeding to a commercial plant. Three US patents have been granted and four patent applications for related inventions have been filed.


    • Foundation director
    • Overseeing of design and early construction of pilot plant
    • Early financial management
    • Direction of research program
    • Liaison with potential licensees in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia
    • Preparation of Business Plan
    • Preparation of reports and designs
    • Supervision of sensory response samples and tests
    • Supervision and development of data handling methods, internal consistency checking and analyses of results